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About Radmin Club


… and welcome!

Advanced IP scanner is downloaded more than 40 million times so we assumed such a big community of IT specialists would be useful.

How you can use this Community?

  • Experience sharing. If you succeeded in some problem solving you can share with others. It will be very helpful especially for newcomers.

  • Software update – we’ll announce here all the updates with key features. Here is our recent
    about the updates.

  • Also, we have Gamin hub – feel free to start whatever topics you’re interested in here.

  • And here is the post where you can find gaming partners

  • Create your profile and join the community.

You can navigate through tags on the main page.

If you want to check  our software links are below:

   Radmin VPN – free VPN creation tool
   Radmin 3 - remote support, the hub is here
   Advanced Port scanner - free port scanner

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