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About Radmin Club


… and welcome!

Advanced IP scanner, Radmin and Radmin VPN were downloaded more than 50 million times so we assumed such a big community of IT specialists would be helpful.

How you can use this Community?

  • Troubleshooting – you can Create a post describing your problem and get help (here is How to create a post). Please check out the FAQ for most common questions. Don’t be afraid to ask a silly question – everybody was new once.

  • Experience sharing. If you succeeded in some problem solving you're welcome to share it with others. It will be very helpful especially for newcomers.

  • Software update – we’ll announce here all the updates with key features. Here is our
    Advanced IP Scanner and Radmin VPN posts about the updates.

  • Also, we have hub – feel free to start whatever topics you’re interested in here.

  • And here is the post where you can find gaming partners

  • Register if you haven't done it yet to be able to post, comment and vote

You can navigate through tags on the main page.

If you want to check our software links are below:

   Radmin VPN – free VPN creation tool
   Radmin 3 - remote support, the hub is here
   Advanced Port scanner - free port scanner

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