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All IPs in a subnet are erroneously found

I have been using Advanced IP Scanner for years but I've noticed for the past year or so when scanning an entire subnet either using CIDR notation ( or range ( the software returns results for all IP addresses even though I know only a couple are active.

Results show Manufacturer="CIMSYS Inc" and MAC address="00:11:22:33:44:55" for all results.
This makes the software useless if it is going to show false positives.  In the Options, I have tried enabling "High-accuracy scanning" but it has no effect.
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Radmin Club Team
12/15/2020 16:04:30

1. You can turn off showing information that you dont need using View menu and context menu (right click on table header where results are shown).
2. Remote PC firewall settings might prevent AIPS fr om showing the required information.
3. Could you run in Command Line
arp -a IP
where IP is the IP address of 2 PCs (one is activate, other is not) from your scanning result. Send a screenshot of the result and AIPS result for the same PCs.
After this run the following command
ping IP -n 60
wh ere IP is the remote PCs (one is activate, other is not) IP address. Wait till the end of command, Make a screenshot and send it.
After this run the following command
Make a screenshot and send it.

You can submit a ticket f, if its more comfortable for you
We`ll do our best to help you to fix this problem.
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