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Auto Scan at startup

I am still looking for a command line switch that will cause Advanced IP Scanner to automatically scan.  I know clicking on the Scan button is not all that hard to do, but it seems logical to me that there could be an "Autoscan" switch that could be added to this already great app.  For example:
advanced_ip_scanner.exe /autoscan or /a or /s.

Thanks, Bruce
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Radmin Club Team
04/03/2019 13:01:24

There is a console version of Advanced IP Scanner/Advanced Port Scanner. You need to run advanced_ip_scanner_console in console. If you need help, run it with /?.
04/04/2019 15:39:46
Thank you.  I do know about the console version, but do not want to run a command prompt just for automatic startup scanning.  I guess I will keep clicking on the Scan button.
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