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avoslocker ransomware

Can you tell me if your software is safe ? Because every website that talk about AvosLocker is talking about your software.
Can you explain how your software is related to AvosLocker ?

Thank you,
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04/19/2022 11:12:12
Is it safe to use your product ? What we should do to not become infected ?
Radmin Club Team
04/19/2022 15:57:54
Yes, it is safe
You can check it here:
You can download from our site:
Radmin Club Team
04/21/2022 17:21:04
We launch our advanced ip scanner on different sites for seraching viruses or trojan and products classify these objects as one of the categories of legitimate software and do not consider them to be malicious. Notifications issued to the end user are for informational purposes and are correct.
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