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Bug with cache when using portable mode

Hi,  I use the portable version of advanced ip scanner. I put it in a  dropbox and use it on multiple computers.

I remark that I have often bad  names from old scan on other network. So I have to clear the cache in the options.

An example : 2 scan on 2 differents network and I found the same name on the 2 network.

It seems that the scanner see that the IP is the same, it don't find any name and take the name in the cache without checking if the MAC @ is different !

May be an option to disable MAC cache could be useful for all those use  av ip scanner on multiple computer ?
Or just a button in the interface to clean the cache quickly ?Btw, thanks for this great software.... It could be even better in open source ;)
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Radmin Club Team
09/18/2020 15:49:08

You need to delete stored data. You can find this option in the following way: Advanced IP Scanner -> Settings -> Options -> Misc -> Delete stored data.
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