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IP Scan found unexpected devices

I ran an IP scan on 192.168.1-254.1-254 and in addition to the expect results of devices I found the following five entries:

Status,Name,IP,Radmin,Http,Https,Ftp,Rdp,Shared folders,Shared printers,NetBIOS group,Manufacturer,MAC address,User,Date,Comments
On,,,,Verizon Router (lighttpd 1.4.38),Tunnel is ssl: lighttpd 1.4.38,,,,,,,00:00:00:00:00:00,,,

I've been wondering for awhile how our solar panels on the roof send in their data, I know they connect to our internet somehow before the router, I've never detected their presence.   Does anybody recognize the above addresses and syntax?

Update a few days later - I ran a scan on 192.0-255.0-255.0-255 and found about 5000 sites.  I thought 192 was reserved for NAT,does anybody know what external addresses are left unimplemented for NAT?  On the business side it seems to be 10, as in
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Radmin Club Team
09/17/2019 15:42:41

What do you mean? Could you provide a screenshot and more information about your problem?
09/17/2019 17:46:20
Sorry, that machine is elsewhere currently, but the same data as would be shown in a screen shot is in the csv extract given.

I did a search on everything in 192.168.*.* (or 192.0-255.0-255.0-255)

Addresses through were found, with no identifiers.  shows up as Verizon Router (lighttpd 1.4.38),Tunnel. ssl: lighttpd 1.4.38,

My network is, with a netmask of

I've always been puzzled at how my 49 solar panels can be monitored via the web, when I don't  see them in any "show my network" display from my primary Verizon router.

Before I took that machine down, as mentioned I ran a scan on 192.0-255.0-255.0-255, which is to say, everything under 192 (192.*.*.*), and found about 5000 sites in 3 hours before I terminated the search.

I'd always presumed that all of 192.*.*.* was reserved for NAT, or at least 192.168.*.*, so finding external devices apparently on my internal network is of concern, not the least because of the possibility of malicious penetration.

But since my understanding of NAT address reservations is limited, I hope there is a more benign explanation.
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