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over populated network

I scan my network and get over 1500 devices. My network consists of about 25 or lesws device. Where has all the others come from.
ip address m to
I have no address reserved.
Also the names come up with ip address and  unknownbc98df62853b.home    BC:98:DF:62:85:3B
any idea what this is and how to correct it. I just up dated to the

newest version yo have listed

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Radmin Club Team
06/09/2020 13:18:59

You need to turn off option Show unknown in View menu.
06/11/2020 06:10:52
I am having this same problem.,  Turning off Unknown didn't fix it.  Though I do think  its related.  It didn't start until I turned uit on.  But i have had it off for awhile a few days now and have rebooted the pc several times.  Problem persists.  

On another note, what purpose does show unknown fullfill if it sees every IP address as an unknown?
Radmin Club Team
06/11/2020 13:46:18

Could you please submit a ticket?
We`ll do our best to help you to fix this problem.
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