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Scan shows IP addresses that cannot be reached

Hi there,
Installed a new modem and all local IP addresses now start with 172 rather than 192.
I have an IP camera and have reset it and trying to scan to find it's new IP address.
The scan shows the 'old' IP address beginning with '192' as 'live' and yet I cannot access the device.
Can anyone advise how I get rid of the old IP address?
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05/18/2020 14:43:24

What IP range do you scan?
05/18/2020 18:12:14
My old modem (Netgear CM700) had all IP's beginning with '192' and the new modem (Arris) has '172'.
I searched all IP's between and
The range searched isn't material, though, is it? If and IP address had no settings, it surely would not report would it?
05/20/2020 16:18:35

You need to delete stored data. You can find this option in the following way: Advanced IP Scanner -> Settings -> Options -> Misc -> Delete stored data.
05/20/2020 18:50:30
That worked - almost.
A scan still shows '' the IP address of the old Netgear router... but the IP Camera I am trying to connect with is no longer shown under the '192' address.
Thank you for your help and responding.
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