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what are these extra devices

I ran Advanced IP Scanner & found not only my 5 devices, but also 250 other IP addresses. Is that a problem? How do I shut them down?

I have 2 Smart TVs, one Kindle Fire, one router, & one computer on my Wifi. We usually have 96.5 Mbps yet we have problems with buffering & slowing off the tvs & the kindle. Is someone else using my internet?
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05/18/2021 11:46:37

These addresses are likely to be reserved by your local router.
05/18/2021 12:36:04
Can I just ignore them? I see that I have a "favorite" tab. If those are reserved by my router, I am thinking I add the ones I know for sure to favorite tab & ignore the rest.

I am not computer smart, obviously. I appreciate all the input I can get! Thanks!
05/18/2021 16:19:47

You can turn it off in View menu and they wont be shown.
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