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Why can't I see the device name (HostName)?


I use the Advanced IP Scanner software to scan the network on the Ethernet and Wi-Fi device installation on local networks.

It has always worked correctly, that is, I can get the name of the device (HostName), the IP address and the MAC address.

But there is a network of a client that I can only see the IP address and the MAC address of the devices. The name of the devices (HostName) is blank.

Could it be that the router disables it in some way?
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Vladislav Shkvarsky
12/16/2021 09:02:24


yes, of course, the problem may be in the router, you need to check the security settings of the router, send the model of the router.

12/16/2021 14:20:29

Thanks for answering.

What happens is that the owner of the router is the internet provider and we don't have access to the router (password protected).

A technical assistant from the ISP remotely logged into the router and he can see the host names of the connected devices. However he was not sure what protection or features should be enabled.

Any suggestions what kind of protection should be disabled?

I'm going to try to get the router model.
Vladislav Shkvarsky
12/16/2021 15:42:44
Make sure the computers you scan are on the same network. If not, then scanning may not work correctly.
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