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04/23/2020 08:57:49
I need to ask something. I am having paid version of arma 3 but my friends having cracked version of arma 3 so can I play with them in this server?
04/24/2020 10:07:28
Please join for more info
04/26/2020 13:17:36
Bullshit, thats a joke of discord channel and admins there... I asked simple and polite question in general chat channel, how to connect to these servers,and admin deleted my message... Neither pointing out the error of my message, or anything that would resolve my problem/question... Simply ignored it entirely... Avoid that community, thats my advice.
04/27/2020 01:21:00
Have you asked anyone why it has been deleted? Posts are not getting deleted for no reason.
Plenty of helpful people there, not only the admins.
04/27/2020 10:51:39
..and I assume you did get a reply after all, from our moderator, but you were obviously in a hurry to leave.

Some things violates Discord TOS, and all posts that could get whole community deleted, because of one user post, are getting deleted, no matter how polite they were.
04/27/2020 11:43:19
Life is too short... I played Arma 3 meanwhile waiting for reply (don't know how long that was) , finished mission, saw that still no reply or anything BUT deletion, then left. So it wasn't really immediately leave. And what term of service, I wasn't providing any external links, insulting, hacking in chat or anything, I just asked how to connect on your cracked servers. And if that breaks some imaginary rule about chat ON A CRACKED server, then its obviously place not worth my time. Anyway, you have enough members to maintain there, without wasting your time on me and vice versa. Best Regards.
04/27/2020 12:30:29
Good luck in your short life.
I sincerely hope some other community will be able to provide instant support for service they provide free of charge, using their free time and money, while maintaining their jobs and families, so you would be able to have a good time on their servers.

Best regards.
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