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Borderlands 1&2. How to play in LAN with Radmin VPN


This guide I hope will help you to play with friends in Radmin VPN network. This is more on the game set up, not the software. I believe that software set up is pretty easy and it's hard to do something wrong.

So let's begin:

1. Make sure you have the same version of the Borderlands game!
2. Download and install Radmin VPN
3. Create a network and share network name and password with people you want to play with.

In the Borderlands game.

To host the game:

Go to the main menu -> LAN game -> Host public game

As for my experience for the host's network option you can choose any of them.

People from the Radmin VPN LAN should appear in the bottom right list you need to right-click on the gamer's name and choose "Invite to game"

in the Borderlands 1 you after creating a LAN you can just go to Main menu -> LAN game -> host public game. And the rest of the players need to click on the "Game search".

For the players, who want to join

1. Go to Network option -> sel ect LAN
2. Click "Game search" on the main menu.
3. Accept the invite from the host.

The game will have 10 seconds countdown and then you'll be connected.

If it doesn't work try this:

Right click on the game icon on your PC desktop and choose Settings -> Shortcut
In the "Target" field at the end of the line -  do not delete what is already in the line (!)- type in host's IP Address fr om Radmin VPN.
You see IP address near the name in the network and you can right-click the name and choose 'Cope IP address"

Let me know in the comments - does it work for you?

You can also find interesting Guide for network admin
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07/29/2020 13:12:35
could not connect to host it will request time out  
07/30/2020 14:55:45

1. You need to open ports that the game you`re playing in is using on your local PC to establish connection.
2. Try to change metric of Radmin VPN adapter. Firstly, set it to 1. If it didn`t help, set it to 1500 or to the max value.
3. Turn off antivirus.
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