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Problem with conexion

Hello i have my lan in my work, the lan is

isp router

firewall untangle.


install in 2 computers radmivpn, the status is green,
pc1, pc2,

when i try to ping to pc2 from pc1 , the ping work i can open shared folders.

but in my home, install radmi , login in my network created, look a pc1 and pc2 , the conexion is green, but i try to ping , but dont work.
i connect with teamviewer pc1 and pc2 work ping .

i open port 4899, but i can make work ...

thanks for your help
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Radmin Club Team
06/16/2020 10:33:49

Ping option is blocked in Windows as default, you can turn it on in firewall.
If you need to transfer files, you can use shared folders (it can be turned on in firewall too) or Radmin File Transfer option (you need to install Radmin Server on the remote PC and Radmin Viewer on the local one).
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