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Replace game's original servers list to your radmin network address


I have recently installed Radmin VPN and I am very satisfied with it. So far I didn't manage to find an answer for my question so I'll ask you guys.

I will use as an example Splinter Cell Blacklist but is is generally available for the games that has no LAN option in the main menu.

So I thought since Blacklist has no LAN option it searches online for matches on ubisoft servers  and the addresses of those servers must be stored somewhere in the game files.

My question is if there would be possible to change the addresses of servers the game searches matches to my radmin network address. So the game would search in the radmin network.

The second question that we must think of if this works only with a pirated version or also with an original game.
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Radmin Club Team
05/07/2019 16:19:02

Unfortunately, its not possible. Radmin VPN provides connection between different users in games, but it doesnt change game`s code itself.
05/07/2019 19:21:49

Thank you for the info. Using Radmin would allow me to play coop with a friend of mine if the game, in this case Splinter Cell Blacklist, doesn't have the LAN option in the menu. It would still be possible to establish a connection and find my match for instance?
Radmin Club Team
05/13/2019 14:18:42

Radmin VPN provides multiplayer only if its game supports it.
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