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How to play CS: Source with friends via Radmin

Hello there,

a friend and I wanted to play CS: Source together over LAN. We actually thought it would be quite simple and it would be enough to turn on Radmin and then, after one of us has created a server, just join it. But we had the problem that the cre ate d  server was not displayed. We also tried "connect" + IP address, whereupon "LAN Games Restricted to Class C Clients" appears. Setting "sv_lan" to "0" didn't work so far either (do you have to do that before creating the server?). We both own the game via Steam and use Windows 10. We also checked the firewall, which should not be a problem.

Maybe someone here on the forum has experience with Source. I would be very grateful for any tips!
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Radmin Club Team
08/16/2021 13:46:13

1. Turn off firewall (local and remote) or open ports that the game you`re playing in is using on your local PC to establish connection.
2. Try to change metric of Radmin VPN adapter. Firstly, set it to 1. If it didn`t help, set it to 1500 or to the max value (you can read more here
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