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Unreal Tournament 2004 LAN Play Setup

Make sure all players have Radmin VPN installed and have all joined to the same network.
Choose one player to host the game server for the other players to join.

On the host computer:
1. Click Host Game.

2. Select your desired Gametype, Map, Rules, etc. then click on Listen at the bottom to start the server listening for incoming connections.
The server will now be active and waiting for the other players to join.

By default, Unreal Tournament will only look for game servers on your LAN connection and will not be able to see the server over VPN. Before the remote players can join this server over Radmin VPN, they must change some network settings on their computers:

1. Open Control Panel > Network and Internet.

2. Click Network and Sharing Center:

3. Click Change Adapter Settings:

4. Right-click on the Radmin VPN interface and select Properties:

5. Double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4):

6. Click Advanced:

7. Uncheck Automatic Metric and then enter "1" (without quotes) in the Interface Metric box:

8. Click OK on the 3 windows that remain open to close out the settings for the Radmin VPN interface.

9. Now, repeat steps 4-7 for your Ethernet interface, except entering "2" for the metric (instead of "1").

10. Click OK to close out the remaining settings windows and close the Network Connections windows.

11. Finally, launch Unreal Tournament and click Join Game.
The game server should now appear under LAN and you're ready to join and play!
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