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How to move a license to a new PC

I just bought a license radmin 3 server
but come to put it on a wrong machine.
how can i delete it from the wrong PC and move to the correct PC readmin 3
with best regards

5 Radmin licenses for a gaming guide

5 free Radmin licenses.png

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How to automatically restart Radmin Server?

Upon occasion, the Radmin Server seems to crash, and then I can't connect. Is there any way to have the Radmin Server automatically restart upon crash?

Radmin Viewer Wine Keyboard Layout Issues

Hello RC-Community,

i've got some issues with my Keyboard Layout for using Radmin via Wine:

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Subscribe to forum threads?

Is there a way to subscribe to forum threads?

Remote pointer shape and windows 10 1809

It was reported on old forum, but still there is no answer - what about proper work of remote pointer shape ("cursor" as some people name it incorrectly)? Since 1809 update, Radmin is no logner fully compatible with win10 - pointer shape not change at all, so user cannot see if he is copying files or moving them, is he used resize function or drag, in graphics software it is even worse - total disaster.

5 months without path - is it some kind of record?
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