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Radmin 3 and Windows 10 compatibility

After updating to Windows 10 some users faced a problem with Radmin usage, usually, it was a black screen on the remote computer after connection.


There is a new version Radmin on our website that provides stable work on Windows 10. The new version can be installed with any license on Radmin 3.x

For users that continue to get the issue after software update we recommend to do the following:

  1. Install the latest Windows 10 updates on all both computers

  2. Install latest driver updates for all graphic adapters (display adapters) and motherboard drivers for integrates adapters

  3. Install the latest version of Radmin Server and Radmin Viewer, you can download them here

  4. If monitor on the remote computer connected with Display Port, try to connect it with another interface, if you have Display Port to VGA adapter, try it

  5. Check if the monitor is connected to a remote desktop, if not – connect one.

  6. Update all the drivers on the remote desktop.

If all these steps haven’t solved the problem, please create a ticket for our tech support

To localize the problem quickly please send us the following info:


  • Winver window screenshot with operating system version


  • Radmin Server и Radmin Viewer about windows, where software
    version is seen
  • List of all windows updates: Start ->Settings -> Update&Security -> View update history

Update history.JPG

  • CPU model and driver version: Win+R -> devmgmt.msc -> Processors -> Driver
  • GPU model and driver version: Win+R -> devmgmt.msc -> Display Adapters -> Drivers


  • Txt file with MsInfo: Win+R -> msinfo32, save the result as  .txt and attach to the ticket




Overall it’s 7 items: 6 screenshots + .txt file

In the “Message Details" field please point out if you can connect with a remote computer via chat or can you perform a file transfer.

We hope that this article was helpful for you.

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