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Radmin VPN

this has to be the worst

you need Hammachi, in some cases?ROFL!

This is by far the worst VPN ever ! Seriuosly!  Ever heard of tunngle they were here for almost 12 years- Evolve? the guy that created Evolve created  bowstring asked for $20,000 for start up  YEA RIGHT! Then asked for money for subscriptions! FAILED!

Tunngle lasted for so long as they did -used Ad's!!   payed for servers !


Only dying light works in "RATMAN"  know why ? I do! limited ports! obviously!

I was tunngle help for 10 years , I created the game tutorials for them! i have Lanfixed over 40 games- Only DYing light works in RATMAN!  - Wonder why?


How can I change my name in Radmin VPN?

Make a right click on your PC`s name near round button) and choose Change name.

The icon near PC in my networks is yellow instead of green.

A yellow icon means that the TRS connection is used (basically a tunnel) and that it passes through our servers (so your connection will be slow). This may be due to network topology and indicates that only a slow connection is possible. We are currently working on improving network speed in all topologies, but this will be available in the next version.

I can`t connect to the remote PC.

1.       Check that both PCs (local and remote) are using the latest version of Radmin VPN.

2.       Check that Radmin VPN is not blocked by antivirus and firewall.

3.       Check if ports 17000-18000 are open.



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Games networks

Here you can find a network to join and create new Radmin VPN Networks.

Leave a comment with:
  1. Game name
  2. Network name
  3. Password
  4. Language if it's not English
Let the game begin!

Radmin VPN new version 1.0.3721 released!

A new version of Radmin VPN 1.0.3721.3 has been released. This is a minor update but still, 12 new features were added:

• Computer name can be changed
• Logs were added

If installed, the program will be updated automatically or you can download the new version here.

Did you spot another 10 features?

Do you have proposals on new ones?



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