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Radmin VPN blocks another program’s license

After installing this program, the license for another program ("1C-accounting") stopped working on the computer.
Only VPN uninstallation helps.

How to solve this problem?

rename network name. is it possible?

rename network name. is it possible?

Changing Radmin Vpn Virtual Ip Addess

Hello Guys !

Can anyone tell me how do you change your Radmin Vpn virtual IP address ? Because when my friends and I try to play online guys, but my Virtual IP octet is different than them and VALVE games doesn't allow to play due to that :(

Please help me !!

How many maximum networks can I create in radminVPN?

How many maximum networks can I create in radminVPN?

thank you

Error: 0x10000000c

Hi All,

Every few days i lost connection from the remote nodes to the server.

This is what I see in the log:

2019.05.27 20:45:13.655 INFO Node 5546682/'SRV' disconnected. Error: 0x10000000c

How to get 5 lifetime Radmin licenses for free?

Radmin (not to be confused with Radmin VPN) - is a professional remote control software that allows you to access a  remote PC, including text chat and voice chat features and many more.

Also, Radmin license enables chat function, file transferring and remote game set up possibility within Radmin VPN networks.

To get free licenses you need to answer the question "How to play a game with Radmin VPN?"...

radmin VPN games.png

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