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radmin gamming

how can I connect to the Radmin  server to play blur on a private network, I am having challenges connecting with my friends  

The light is yellow all the time

I have a PC in my home, I want to connect it outside.
the PC in my home is yellow all the time,  i try to restart it many times,
but, it doesn't work. i set it DMZ in my router, the light can be green.
DMZ is dangerous, do you have another idea?
such as port mapping.

Android connect to vpn

Hi, I want to connect to radmin vpn using my android phone.

I believe for that I need to find the address used by the vpn, is there any way to accomplish this?

You are suspended Radmin VPN

Good afternoon, from one moment to another I get the message in the Radmin VPN application that the service is suspended, I have tried to reinstall the application and it does not matter, I would like your support to unlock that ooción and to continue working, greetings.

Problemas de conexión.

Buen día!

Tengo VARIAS Conexiones Hechas Con Con Radmin VPN y Ninguna Funciona.  

En Una de ellas, Lo Que hice FUE Actualizar el software de PC en Cada Que Tiene hecha la VPN y Conecto, Pero En otras PCs no lo Pude lograr v.

Tienen idea qué puede ser?

Muchas gracias!

How to connect to remote network / pc


I am new to this... Although fairly tech-savvy I cannot figure out how to configure the Radmin VPN after installing it on my home computer.  We have a network with a VPN that we run at work, I would like to connect to this network from home. Is this possible, if so, how do I go about it?  
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