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How to get 5 lifetime Radmin licenses for free?

Radmin (not to be confused with Radmin VPN) - is a professional remote control software that allows you to access a  remote PC, including text chat and voice chat features and many more.

Also, Radmin license enables chat function, file transferring and remote game set up possibility within Radmin VPN networks.

To get free licenses you need to answer the question "How to play a game with Radmin VPN?"...

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About Radmin Club



Our Radmin VPN users number is growing fast, we reached 20K weekly downloads threshold and growing!

Why join the community and how you can use it?

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Connection Problems with the New Radmin VPN version 1.0.3848.6

After the installation of v1.0.3848.6, Radmin VPN has lost the connection althoug there seems to be a connection with the showing online "status". My OS version is W10 b1809. Is there anyone with the same problem? TIA.

Relay connection vs direct connection

Is there a way to force each connection to receive a direct connection in Radmin VPN? Any computer with a direct connection seems to do things over the network at great speeds, but I have a bunch of computers that are getting a relayed connection and are really slow. Ping times for direct are around 50ms and can access network shares fast, but ping times for relayed connections are over 400ms and when they try to browse a network share it is SUPER slow.

Save Network Configuration

Hello, I want to use same network configuration in RADMIN VPN when reinstal, so my network not lose.
i use RADMIN VPN for alternated LOGMEIN HAMACHI that i use today, Hamachi using TRANSFER OWNERSHIP for save our network created.  Thanks
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