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Anyone knows how to fix this?

Hello guys, some of my friends are having a trouble and i also dont know how to fix this.

We play call of duty world at war a lot. But idk why in most of PC's it does not work the server does not show up.

Anyway i found a solution on how to fix this.
Now the problem is that to do this fix i need to go to the radmin settings on Control Panel/Network and Internet/Network and Sharing center. There is the location that i first need to go. It works fine for me i can see the radmin vpn link that sends me to the settings but the actual problem is that in some of my friends PC's/Laptops it does not show up there. I have realsied that they are all using win10. I am using win7 and all of my friends with win7 are alight. Just some of the win10 users have this problem.

Any reply or kind of help would be really appreciated.
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