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installing vpn as a service

Is it possible to have the Radmin vpn install as a service so that it starts/connects itself on PC reboot? I hate MS' auto reboot updates...
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Radmin Club Team
03/27/2019 09:39:28

Radmin VPN is a service and it starts with a system.
Radmin Club Team
03/28/2019 11:20:07

Radmin VPN consists of three parts:1) Service  is a primary program module and it`s used to establish connection. In Windows Services it`s a Radmin VPN control service. It starts with operating system launch as default. It`s a service so it`s working in background mode. Since you can control services in Windows, you can turn it off and on menually. Radmin VPN doesn`t  work when this service is turned off.
2)GUI is a module to control Radmin VPN. Network creation, connection showing, network connection and so on. It starts with OS too and displayed in system tray. Since it`s an ordinary application, it`s autostart can be chanhed in Windows startup. If GUI is turned off the service is still working (in case if that round button in GUI is not red, when he is in stand by mode and all connections with other nodes are closed).
3) Driver is a driver of Radmin VPN network adapter. Data transfer module between nodes. That`s why this driver starts with system. This driver can`t be turned off while Radmin VPN control service  is running cause it`l be automaticly turned on. So firstly you need to stop the service before turning off the driver.
That`s why all these 3 modules are required. But Radmin VPN is able to work without GUI, but you`ll be unable to control networks and nodes (PCs) in this case.
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