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can't delegate admin rights

I have created a network and added a couple of computers.  I want to delegate admin rights to one of them but when I right click the computer name, the dropdown list does not include Grant Admin Rights or Remove Note from Network options.


Not sure what I may have done wrong but would appreciate your help in sorting this out.
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Radmin Club Team
10/24/2022 13:44:59
Good afternoon!
Please check your admin rights. by right mouse clicking on Properties , on those network which you are created, send to us a screenshots
10/24/2022 14:18:15
This shows 4 members including me and Network Role of Member.  So clearly I did not become the administrator when I created the network!  I thought network creator was automatically made Administrator. Not sure how to add the screenshot here but have pasted it below the reply.

Is there anything I can do to become administrator?
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