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So i downloaded RADMIN VPN and it didnt work, I tried turn off the firewall and window protection but the result are the same. When i click it in the download file the RADMIN VPN just showed up on the taskbar and dissapear it quickly so i cant setup it :( someone help me download it :( TYSM <3
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Radmin Club Team
06/27/2022 11:16:36
Try uninstalling radmin vpn if it was installed from this way:  Control Panel  -Programs and Features-Radmin
Reboot your computer
Then try installing radmin vpn again

If the problem still exist:
uninstall Radmin VPN using a utility from Microsoft
1. Download this utility from the link and run it.
2. Click Next and select Uninstalling.
3. Select the Radmin VPN program and click Next.
4. Wait until the utility completes and restart your PC.

If it doesn't help, try using the utility
When asked to select a mode, select the advanced mode.

Then try installing radmin vpn again
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