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Bonjour tout le monde. je viens demander de l'aide afin de trouver comment augmenter la vitesse de RADMIN VPN par abonnement si possible. parce que la version gratuite que j'utilise est trop lente et ne me permet pas d'avancer mes travaux.

Merci pour votre aide.
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11/18/2021 09:11:08
There is no paid version.
Relay connection is not an error.Its one of Radmin VPN connection type that takes place when direct connection is not possible.
There  are a lot of factors like many routers between Radmin VPN and Internet,  NATs, firewalls, network topology, router settings, closed ports and  etc. And also torrents, network channel congestion and Windows updates.
Here some ways to avoid this connection type, but they dont guarantee non relayed connection:
1. Both PCs (local and remote) are placed in the same network.
2. One of PC has direct IP address.
3. Routers with direct IP have the following NAT settings: one NAT, Full Cone NAT,Address-Restricted cone NAT, Restricted cone NAT, Port-Restricted cone NAT
11/22/2021 08:42:04
Thank you for the answer.
I'm just encountering a problem: when I connect PCs A and B to the same router which connects me to the internet, the connection is good. but when I connect I connect PC A to a router and PC B to another router, the connection is so slow.
help please!
Radmin Club Team
11/22/2021 13:28:49
Hello! It seems like the problem in the second router, please try to use another router.
11/22/2021 16:27:23
this has already been done several times but without success. I changed different access point but the connection is still slow. but when I connect the two PCs to the same access point everything is fine.
Radmin Club Team
11/22/2021 16:44:09
I can assume that in the case of using one router, the connection is established directly, but if two or more are used then already through our servers (which may be physically located at a long distance) and this greatly affects the connection speed.
In addition, the passage of traffic through the nodes of your provider can also greatly reduce the speed (if the provider blocks access to the VPN)
for more help (If this problem still remains) you make ticket on our support portal
11/22/2021 17:03:00
Thanks a lot to you
how to proceed to create a new ticket on your support?
Radmin Club Team
11/25/2021 07:26:58
you can make ticket on our support portal
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