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Do not share folders Radmin VPN - Windows 10

The installation of Radmin VPN was performed on ten machines, the ones with the distribution of windows 10, when trying to share the folder, do not access. On windows 7 it works normal. I disabled the firewall, opened ports, installed the Radmin Server, I was not successful. The machines are responding ping with each other, the file transfer service works as well.
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Radmin Club Team
07/31/2020 15:22:13

You need to turn off firewall on PC that connect to shared folders. And you need to turn on smb1 in Windows control Center.
07/31/2020 15:32:32
Hello Famathec! all right. I have already done this test to disable the firewall, both on the server and on the client. And on windows 10 I also activated smb, but it didn't work. This configuration pattern with firewall enabled or disabled in windows 7 works. appreciate
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