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Half-Life, friends can't connect

Hello all! Hope all you well!
I'm trying to play old HALF LIFE (no steam) with some friends. We all are in same radmin server with green light. But when I host the HL server and they try to connect with my complete IP they can't (no error message, just in loading/finding screen). It is work perfect with other games like wc3 (no need lancraft), and runs good with Hamachi. But we are more than 5 and want to play more games.

-As hoster, do I need to open ports? Do all players need to open? HL using ports are 27014-27050. With Hamachi don't need and run, so I guess no need.

-Firewall its off for HL and RadminVPN, no antivirus is working even installed

-Do we need to join Gaming server or doesn' matter?

I have no more ideas what it's happening,

Please, help would be nice.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Radmin Club Team
03/18/2020 15:51:05

1. You need to open ports that the game you`re playing in is using on your local PC to establish connection.
2. Try to change metric of Radmin VPN adapter. Firstly, set it to 1. If it didn`t help, set it to 1500 or to the max value.
03/18/2020 17:02:15
Thank you very much for your reply!
I openned ports and set metric up to 9999. But no work. Then I turn compley off my firewall and WORKS NICE!
so, maybe is a sum of everything

Thank you again for your time. Regards!
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