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help please

I don't know why but I can't play any game with radmin yet I have downloaded the latest update and I have joined the public gaming server Please help me
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Radmin Club Team
06/25/2020 17:48:42

Here you can read about Radmin VPN gaming:

1. Install Radmin VPN (you can download it from here

2. Create your own Radmin VPN network (Network – Create new network) and set up network name and password.

3. Share this network name and password with you friends, because they have to be connected to the same network as you are. Or you can connect to your friend`s network (Network – Join an Existing network) if you know its name and password.

4. You also can join one of the public networks by selecting «Gaming network" tab in Radmin VPN.

Here you can read more about Radmin VPN gaming (

Here is an example of playing Minecraft using Radmin VPN (

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