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How to chat in Radmin VPN

There are two ways to chat in Radmin VPN
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first one is
Through Discord
If you don't have Radmin Server license the only way to chat is through integrated Discord chats.

The chat in Discord is dedicated to a network. You can find chats in the biggest Public networks or you can create your own private chat for the private network.

Public networks:
Near every big public network, you'll see a message sign you need to click on it and have account in Discord and here you go. You can see the sign in the red square in the top right corner:
integrated Discord 1.PNG

Private network
You can add Discord channel to the private network through Properties menu. You need to be an admin for it.

And the second one is
In the integrated Radmin chat

If you do have Radmin Server license you can use the integrated chat feature and use both text and voice chat.

The messaging system is performed through Radmin, it's a tool for system administration. The messaging system seems complicated but it is defined by security requirements for business network safety.

There are two types of participants in the connection: recipient and connector. A connector is connecting to a recipient. And recipient accepting connection.

The connector should have Radmin Viewer installed and the recipient should have Radmin Server with license and Radmin Viewer, besides Radmin VPN for both.

1) With 1 license 5 users can connect to a recipient and chat together.
2) In order to chat recipient needs to be online
3) When connecting you need to enter username and password every time.

Guide to chat:
1. To start recipient needs to create a user, set up a user name and a password. To create a user right click on the Radmin tray icon:
Radmin Server icon in tray.png

then go to permissions:

Radmin Set Up.png
then click again permissions and you'll go to the windows, where you can create a user

2. The recipient needs to give this user rights to chat, voice chat and send a message.
create new user.png

3. After the recipient created a user he sends user name and a password to a connector or connectors (up to 5).

4. Connector right click on the recipient in Radmin VPN menu and choose a way of connection, then enters the user name and password that the recipient sent him.
integrated chat.png

Voila! You can chat now
Comments 2
03/20/2020 13:10:44
why install additional software that no one will buy because it won't be profitable, is it better for you to make an update like in hamachi that there is a chat window and you can write with this person? and you do strange difficulties.
Radmin Club Team
03/23/2020 11:56:32

Thank you for this suggestion, we appreciate it.

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