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Incorrect amount of users in network

Hello. It is already a second day when Radmin VPN is not working properly. Different users of network sees different amount of users inside the network (right click on network > properties > amount of users).
This started to happen like 1-2 days ago and was not fixed yet. That preventing users from my network connecting to each other properly, because they either do not see each other, or they are just gray.
Correct amount of users in my network is 146 (I see that from server PC that I do not shutdown at all), but all other users of same network sees only 20-40 users inside the network!
Please, fix it already!

There are two screenshots made at the same time. 1) How server PC that I do not shutdown at all sees the network. 2) How typical user sees the network in the past 1-2 days and right now.
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08/23/2020 16:05:22
Same for me here...
08/24/2020 00:41:47
Same for me here
08/24/2020 07:37:38
Same here
08/24/2020 08:46:21
A mi me pasa lo mismo
08/24/2020 10:21:21
same here
08/24/2020 13:36:19
Та же проблема. Пользователи, подключенные к сети, исчезают.
Radmin Club Team
08/24/2020 17:01:33

We had a malfunction, sorry for inconvenience.  
Turn Radmin VPN off and on by clicking the round button and try again. You need to do this on all PCs.
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