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Only the server appears

Hello friends, I'm using Radmin VPN in the company, for professionals to be able to do home-office, that is, connect to the server folders, I would like to know how to configure only the SERVER to appear in the list of computers that are on the network.Because on the list all computers are appearing, and the screen is very full hahaha.

Sorry my bad english. i'm using google translate.
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Radmin Club Team
09/05/2022 13:36:55

Thank you for using our software! Making future releases we always take into consideration our customers' wishes. The feature you have requested is not implemented yet so we have added your request to our wishlist.  
09/05/2022 14:14:28
Thanks for answering me and taking my consideration to the development team, I would like to take this opportunity and ask if the use of RadminVPN is 100% free? Is there any limitation? connected people, maximum people on the network, etc?
Radmin Club Team
09/05/2022 14:18:48
Hi! Number of networks is not limited. But each network can contain no more that 150 PCs.
RadminVPN is  free product
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