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Permanently Relay connection


Is there a way that I can always have a relay connection through Radmin VPN?

For a reason that I couldn't possibly find, when my connection to the other PC is green (UDP/NAT), our connection works just until any communication through our PC is sent.

For example: I have a program that only works on LAN connection.... Ping is ok until I launch this program and then it suddenly stops to respond.

BUT, when my connection with the other PC is on RELAY mode, it works just fine.

If there's a way to keep this permanently on relay and cease this problem, I really appreciate!
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Radmin Club Team
01/14/2020 17:11:32

1.What kind of problems did you have when the connection was green?
2.You need to create Inbound and Outbound rules in Firewall for each PC to block the IP address of the other PC. For instance, PC1 blocks PC2 IP address and PC2 block PC1 IP address. It should be done both for IPv4 and IPv6.
01/14/2020 17:53:43
Thanks for the response!

When the connection is green, both PC ping each other, but as soon as I open a program that works on LAN-only computers, the ping stops responding and the program that I opened doesn't work.

However, when the connection is on Relay mode (I can get this by constantly turning ON and OFF the VPN for a couple of minutes until it connects on this mode), the program works just fine... So I assume there is a problem on the Server computer that is not allowing something related to the UDP/NAT connection. I don't know much about this kind of connection so I couldn't find any solution to make it work while it's green...

I'll attach a video that I've made to make it more visual.... Never seen a problem like that before:

I'll also try to know more about these inbound and outbound rules in firewall that you mentioned, to see if works. If it's not too much, could you explain a little bit more on how to create this rules and where can I take these IPs? (I was reading that we have different IP, Valid IP and internal... so idk which one I should use to create these rules.

Thank you again for your help!
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