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i have green statue and my friend too the ping is 20ms but somtimes or every 7 or 1 min it's get over 170 or 700 or 1000ms ping for no reason it's now worse and i live in iraq is there i ports for radmin to put in my router to fix this???
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11/03/2019 04:42:52
I barely would think this is a Radmin VPN's issue. It's most likely an issue on your or your friend's internet. Does this happen with other nodes?
11/05/2019 13:42:48

Relay connection is not an error.Its one of Radmin VPN connection type that takes place when direct connection is not possible.
There  are a lot of factors like many routers between Radmin VPN and Internet,  NATs, firewalls, network topology, router settings, closed ports and  etc.
Here some ways to avoid this connection type, but they dont guarantee non relayed connection:
1. Both PCs (local and remote) are placed in the same network.
2. One of PC has direct IP address.
3. Routers with direct IP have the following NAT settings: one NAT, Full Cone NAT,Address-Restricted cone NAT, Restricted cone NAT, Port-Restricted cone NAT
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