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Ports and making direct connection

Hi there

A friend and I would like to LAN a game we normally could while on the same LAN and physical network, it works 100% simply start a new game session and the other person immediately sees it in their lobby under LAN.

There is also a direct connect option with an open slot for the IP and its default port is 9182.

Thing is that it simply doesn't work, we can't see the game that is being hosted. I have opened a port forwarding on this port mention above on my router. Looked up my IP on the internet and still direct connect doesn't work.

So how can I get it to work? If I use Radmin VPN and still don't see the game in the lobby, how do I use direct connect? What IP and what port number can I use (via Radmin VPN)

I wish I knew more about networks but I am just not that clued up.
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03/05/2019 16:10:38

If there is a way to use derict IP connection, it will be more preferable.
PC 1: Run Radmin VPN and game. Create a new game.
PC 2: Run Radmin VPN and game. Try to connect to the PC 1 using it`s IP adrress in Radmin VPN.
If it doenst`t work, try to turn off firewall and antivirus and try again.
If it worked, turn on firewall and antivirus and setup ports and exeptions that are required for this game.
03/05/2019 16:42:37
Trying the firewall route, so far not working but I was trying direct option, just doesnt work, not sure why...I even used port 11000 which is the Subnautica port that Nitrox is using (its a server mod for the game so we can multiplayer it) and I tested this server just now and my friend can connect to my local server via the internet using my IP and that port so I know its open...even though checking if my port on says its closed...which can't be because she can connect to my server as I said.

I am gonna do as you suggest exactly but if you have more ideas please let me know, its so weird, why would I be able to LAN this game but no via a VPN
03/05/2019 17:20:19
Nah tried everything, I am not smart enough to figure it out. Works on LAN when I try and connect the two computers on my LAN and I see the game created from one PC on the other PC upon entering the lobby, but doesnt work via VPN, not on this or hamachi...I disabled both computers anti virus and firewalls, put port forwarding on my pc the one that is hosting and on many ports...nothing.

All I know is that on a game like subnautica server it works so my port forwarding does work according to that, but I cant get it to work, wish I knew more about networks because I can't fathom how it doesnt work...but what do i know.
07/04/2019 09:52:47
You still need a solution?
03/11/2019 13:20:15
i have a video how to fix the problme that if someone hosts in the others PC doesnt show up. Go to control panel/network and internet/network and sharing center/ click on radmin vpn/ properties/ choose IPV4/properties/advanced there uncheck automatic metric and then set interface metric to 1. Then restart the radmin vpn and the game or the whole PC if u want. IDK if this is the answer that u needed. But some of my friends are having a trouble cos on control panel/network and internet / netowkrk and sharing center the radmin setting thing does not show up there?
04/19/2020 13:02:57
I have the same problem with Colin McRae Rally 2, we cannot see the host game via Radmin vpn and also Hamachi vpn, while it works via local network properly, did anyone solve this issue ?
04/20/2020 21:49:06

Turn off firewall and try again.
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