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problem Failed to enable virtual adapter (err:0x200000001)

hello i have big problem plis help me i can't play with my friends here log:
2023.01.16 01:05:33.652 INFO Switched On
2023.01.16 01:05:33.728 ERROR Failed to enable virtual adapter (err:0x200000001)
2023.01.16 01:05:34.286 INFO Connected to server (23)
2023.01.16 01:05:35.153 INFO Connected to 127373006/'DESKTOP-9MRHI9E' via TCP/outgoing
2023.01.16 01:05:35.202 INFO Connected to 128105166/'DESKTOP-VF0BRSI' via TCP/outgoing
service.log ( 28.01 Kb) ( 1.93 Mb) msinfo32.txt ( 4.88 Kb)
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Radmin Club Team
01/16/2023 10:21:42

Please, delete your Radmin VPN  from Control panel - Program and Features - Radmin vpn
Restart windows
Download this new version
Install Radmin VPN 1.3.4569.4

If you will have again  a message "Waiting for adapter response", please wait 5 minutes, the button to restore the adapter (Repair) will appear, click on it, agree with everything and the adapter driver will be restored. If the installation fails, an error message with a log will appear (save it - File-Save As.. and send to us in file format . txt).

If the problem still persist , send to us these logs:

1) " ", for this press win + r, copy this text and paste it into the field: %SystemRoot%\inf\ - save the file and send it to us!

2)Open  Radmin VPN - Help - View Log - File - Save As..-Save  and send this file  to us.

3) Please, perform the following:
Start-> run -> msinfo32
Open this 'msinfo32' as administrator.

Export the file as .txt and attach to your next letter.
We will search the file and try to find what might have caused the issue.
How to do this:

If you can not save this file "msinfo32" , please indicate your processor .

NOTE: Please make sure the size of the uploaded file does not exceed 15 M
01/16/2023 18:45:11
i putted this files in my post
Radmin Club Team
01/17/2023 11:17:54

Please, check this service Windows Management Instrumentation , that it is running

Here on video , show how to check this service:
Radmin Club Team
01/17/2023 14:22:57
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