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Problems with playing on Radmin VPN local servers.

I installed Radmin Viewer v3.5.2,
I installed Radmin Server v3.5.2,
and I installed Radmin VPN, but when i connect to a server i cant. I get this popup of "Remote Radmin Server is not installed" then tells to g to Main menu --> help --> Install Radmin server.
When I go to Radmin VPNto install it AGAIN , they pops up another message "Already Installed"
all is active, all is ready, from services to network adapters
i don't know what is missing
and i used to play with my friends in radmin
help please
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Radmin Club Team
07/26/2021 17:26:21

You need to install Radmin Server on the remote PC.
07/27/2021 10:54:25
I installed Radmin server, but the problem keep showing up it wont disappear idk why, the program works fine with my friends but not for me.
Radmin Club Team
07/28/2021 14:16:40
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