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Radmin VPN Blocked in my country

I was going to use Radmin VPNbut I just found out it is blocked in my country. I've tried using VPNs like Express VPN and Nord VPN but they both prompt the "GeneralFailure" problem while pinging for me. I tried Speedify VPN and it also increased Pingtime by a vast amount but succesfully gave a pingtime report.
I just checked the settings and found out that I can use a proxy with Radmin VPN.
I wonder where I can find or buy these proxies.
I live in Iran.
I and my friend have disabled our Antivirus and Firewalls btw.
Appreaciate any help!
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Radmin Club Team
09/30/2019 14:05:16

Why do you think that Radmin VPN is blocked?
05/01/2020 00:04:10
Its not need to be thinking
I live in iran too and i can access to the Client and Website only with vpn
As this guy says , after connecting to a vpn . i won't recieve any PingTime and when i recieve , i saw its to high
Btw if it supports proxy i appreaciate if someone gave us some of em!

Radmin Club Team
05/12/2020 15:00:11

Ping option is blocked in Windows as default. Try to contect to your Internet provider and ask about VPN blocking.
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