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Radmin VPN blocks another program’s license

After installing this program, the license for another program ("1C-accounting") stopped working on the computer.
Only VPN uninstallation helps.

How to solve this problem?
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Radmin Club Team
06/17/2019 13:52:06

Its unlikely that Radmin VPN may influence 1C Accounting license in such a way. You`d better contact to 1C support.
06/17/2019 14:46:16
Probably unlikely, but true.
We install VPN and 1C license is blocked. We uninstall the VPN and the 1C license is working again. And so on and on. I checked on my computer 4 times in a row.
This refers to the software license 1C, tied to a computer without hardware usb or lpt means.
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