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(SOLVED): Radmin VPN GUI Not Showing In Windows 10

Hello. I've stumbled across Radmin VPN not displaying GUI after being installed on my Win10. Tried installing, uninstalling, installing from choco and from your website, nothing helped. I can see Radmin VPN control service and Radmin VPN GUI starter hanging out there, as well as public network with connection name "Radmin VPN" in the Network and Sharing Center. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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Radmin Club Team
05/27/2020 15:10:22

Are you connected via RDP or not? And if you arent, launch Radmin VPN in the list of programs and it must appear in the system tray (it might be in hidden icons).
05/28/2020 21:09:12
Thanks! Couple days later new installation magically started working. And yes, I am using RDP from time to time, so that could in fact be the issue :)
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