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The light is yellow all the time

I have a PC in my home, I want to connect it outside.
the PC in my home is yellow all the time,  i try to restart it many times,
but, it doesn't work. i set it DMZ in my router, the light can be green.
DMZ is dangerous, do you have another idea?
such as port mapping.
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Radmin Club Team
08/13/2019 10:02:03

Relay connection is not an error.Its one of Radmin VPN connection type that takes place when direct connection is not possible.
There  are a lot of factors like many routers between Radmin VPN and Internet,  NATs, firewalls, network topology, router settings, closed ports and  etc.
Here some ways to avoid this connection type, but they dont guarantee non relayed connection:
1. Both PCs (local and remote) are placed in the same network.
2. One of PC has direct IP address.
3. Routers with direct IP have the following NAT settings: one NAT, Full Cone NAT,Address-Restricted cone NAT, Restricted cone NAT, Port-Restricted cone NAT
08/13/2019 15:22:17
thank you for your answer.
but i don't know where i can set "one NAT, Full Cone NAT,Address-Restricted cone NAT, Restricted cone NAT, Port-Restricted cone NAT" in my router. the router is "TL-ER3220G" from TP-LINK
i have opened  "UPNP" in my router. does it improve the problem?
Radmin Club Team
08/13/2019 18:54:13

It might be useful.And direct IP option may help you.
08/13/2019 23:16:30
i have openned the upnp in the router, but Radmin-vpn does not update the ports.
so the light still yellow.
i test another VPN software, its name is pugongying from a Chinese company(,it works like Radmin-vpn, it can update the ports in the router that open the upnp. so it's easy to get p2p connection (direct connection).the bad point for pugongying is that the speed is limited.
09/10/2019 06:23:00
in the same situation, others can get direct connection easily, bug Radmin-vpn always yellow.
Maybe,UPNP is a new way to get direct connection.
i just hope the software gets better.
10/21/2019 01:37:42
This might be an issue in the software or your connection. Do you have this issue on other P2P VPN softwares?
10/24/2019 08:20:54
No,i didn't find the same issue on others.
i just suggest using the UPNP, it's easly to get P2P connection.
10/24/2019 17:00:17
I see. Then definitely is a Radmin VPN, server-side issue. If your router/modem supports UPnP, don't use Pugongying, as it limits the speed. Use this software to forward ports through UPnP:
You must have Java RE (JRE/Java Runtime Environment) to run it, though. Nonetheless, it's better than Pugongying.
As the Oracle JDK License has changed, you must have an account to download JRE. You can download it from those links (without an account):
If your system is 32 bits:
If your system is 64 bits:
10/25/2019 03:47:04
thank you for your help
but,it's a sorftware for upnp updating. not p2p vpn.
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