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Unable to Ping

Hello, i have a problem after a month of using Radmin VPN for playing a game with a friend. Today i start the program and the game, and i see unable to find the Lan of my friend. So whe both do a Ping test, and i dunno why both get the Request Timeout during ping. I have tryed all the stuff : flushdns, renew, release ipconfig. Nothing of that fix it. I tryed to uninstall and reinstall the software, nothing change. My Firewall and antivirus both are disabled but nothing change. This problem seem to start from today becouse as i say i used the program for a month without any problem. Im using a mobile connection, and my friend a fiber connection.
If someone could help me to figure out how to fix the problem :)
Thank you.
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Radmin Club Team
08/28/2019 15:21:55

Could you please submit a ticket?
And attach log from Radmin VPN (Radmin VPN - Help - View log)
We`ll do our best to help you to fix this problem.
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