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Waiting for adapter response issue

Hello Support.
I downloaded Radmin VPN from the official site. The first strange act that i saw is the super slow instalation process.
I just have to wait around 10 minutes to complete the instalation, which is insane slow, before months it wasnt like that.
And second and basic problem is the "Waiting for adapter response". I tried to reinstall, disable all kind of antivirus and etc...
and nothing. I just have no idea what else can i do. I would love if someone help me. Thanks in advance.
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Radmin Club Team
03/06/2023 07:55:30

Please, delete your Radmin VPN  from Control panel - Program and Features - Radmin vpn
Restart windows
Download this older version
Install Radmin VPN 1.3.4565

If  appear message of "waiting of adapter" send  to us results of command ipconfig  /all

Run cmd(command prompt), press Win + R to open the Run window.
Type "cmd" and click "OK" to open a regular command prompt.
At the command line, enter the command: ipconfig  /all  and send the result to us.
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