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You are suspended Radmin VPN

Good afternoon, from one moment to another I get the message in the Radmin VPN application that the service is suspended, I have tried to reinstall the application and it does not matter, I would like your support to unlock that ooción and to continue working, greetings.
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Radmin Club Team
08/08/2019 10:46:46

If it is shown that you are blocked or banned it means that at some point there were two PCs with the same ID in Radmin VPN (most likely it was a clone of original machine). And because of our security measures  this ID was blocked. The only way to solve this issue is by re-registration.
To do this, you need to go to register
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Famatech \ RadminVPN \ 1.0 (for x86)
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ WOW6432Node \ Famatech \ RadminVPN \ 1.0 (for x64)
Remove IPv4 IPv6 and RID keys
Change the Alias key to the desired computer name (can not exceed 32 characters). And restart service. Actions should be taken both sides. Networks will be cleared.
Please note that if this PC is a network administrator, then administrator rights should be transferred, at least temporarily, to another PC.
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