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5 Radmin licenses for a gaming guide

5 free Radmin licenses.png

To get free licenses you need to answer the question "How to play a game with Radmin VPN?"...
... and share it with others

Our users have already created guides on how to play games with Radmin VPN which could be found by tag "guide".

Radmin VPN network set up is very easy, but the game set up can be challenging.

Share your experience with others and get 5 free lifetime Radmin licenses.


  1. register on Radmin Club and fill in your e-mail as that's where we'll send your software keys.
  2. create a detailed guide in English on how to connect with friends in a game (examples: Minecraft, Rainbow Six). Maybe you will find this post helpful How to create a post
  3. pay attention to what guides have already been posted. If the guide for a certain game is already posted the second one is winning only if it's bringing new crucial information.
  4. attache front picture to your post and put cut.jpg   after it so your post should look like this in the feed:
  5. please include game set up difficulties and how to overcome them
  6. put a tag "radmin VPN games" and "guide"
  7. post your guide in the Gaming hub before 30th June 2019
  8. all participants must follow Community rules
All the peopled who make a post with these rules in mind will get 5 Radmin licenses.

We will announce all the winners in this post before July 7th 2019.
Comments 2
06/14/2019 15:48:42
Are you awarding additional licenses to anyone who creates more than one guide?
Radmin Club Team
06/14/2019 15:56:05
Yes, this is not against the rules :)
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