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Auto logoff feature?

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since 2003, nothing has happened on this topic...
why ?
I use 50 licenses and this feature would often come in handy....
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Radmin Club Team
03/18/2021 19:10:47

What exactly do you expect from this feature? How it should work?
03/22/2021 07:43:49
an option to choose which signals that a remote connection is in  progress, e.g. a bar with a warning at the top of the screen or a  desktop lock, just like during an RDP connection in windows...
sometimes  it is not possible for the remote operator to confirm permission to  connect.  this option would change a lot.  sometimes we don't want the  user to see what we're doing.:)
Radmin Club Team
03/22/2021 17:06:32

The feature you have requested is not implemented yet so we have added your request to our wishlist.
03/23/2021 07:47:14
OK thank you. But the first post on this topic was in 2013, it's been over 7 years and nothing ... I hope I will live to see the implementation ....:)
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