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Can not create a socket error!

For some reason I had to execute Radmin on the command line, but occasionally I encountered an error prompt that it couldn't build a socket.

My local system is Windows Server 2008 R2;
&Radmin 3.4;
&Remote server is Win7.

Has anyone ever encountered such a situation? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!
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Radmin Club Team
10/10/2019 17:55:59

1. Check remote PC Windows firewall. It might blocks Radmin.
2. Install Radmin Viewer on that PC with Radmin Server and try to connect to And try to connect using that PC`s local IP and write if these both connections were successful or not.
10/11/2019 11:25:09
Thank you for your advice:)
I checked the firewall and found it was closed.
Then I installed the Radmin Viewer on my remote PC and connected to both and the PC's local IP, the socket error didn't appear.

This socket error doesn't always happen every time I make the connection, probably once every 20 - 30 times.
And when I try this on my remote PC, it doesn't happen at all. I have tried more than fifty times.

I found that Radmin will not close the connection immediately after the connection is closed.There are many connections in the remote server with time-wait status. Are these related?
Radmin Club Team
10/15/2019 13:43:08

It`s a feature of this protocol.
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