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Connecting to different displays via shortcut

I use Radmin to connect to a PC with two displays from a wireless tablet. I would like to setup connection shortcuts on the desktop of the tablet to connect directly to each display. I can achieve this using the "/display" switch, but then the Username isn't saved as I am no longer connecting through the phone book.

is there a work around so that I can specify the username along with the display to be connected to? As I am using a tablet pc to connect I want to minimise keyboard input

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Vladislav Shkvarsky
12/20/2021 11:04:56
Hello, try to create two connections to the radmin server, one for one display, the other for the other, by checking the "save username" checkbox

The password is always requested, except for winnt authorization when the login and password from one machine matches the login and password of another machine
12/20/2021 16:18:44
That worked, thanks!

Understood about the password, I use a short, simple password for that reason
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