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Cursor and Radmin Server

Hello. There is the latest version of Radmin Server When the server is running, a circle always appears near the cursor, which usually symbolizes a download. This is very annoying. When the server stops, the circle no longer appears.

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03/20/2020 12:39:29
and still I can’t connect to a computer with Windows 10 1903 and radmin server The connection icon on the screen hangs and nothing happens.
viewer too
Radmin Club Team
03/23/2020 12:01:24

1. Check if there is a monitor connected to the remote PC.
2. Install the latest version of Radmin Server and Viewer.
3. Update all drivers on the remote PC.
4. Try this
03/23/2020 12:02:47
this is a template answer. all this is and is done.
tested on multiple computers
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