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Draw remote cursor in remote screen window not working

This is an old problem with Radmin in Windows 10 that was already reported in 2019 but is still not fixed (Windows 10, Radmin Server, Radmin Viewer

Basically, the mouse pointer / cursor in Radmin Viewer does not change shape along with the cursor on the remote PC even when "Draw remote cursor in remote screen window" is enabled in Radmin Viewer. As a result, working with the remote PC is difficult since you don't see the correct pointer / cursor shape when resizing remote windows, working in text editors, graphics / paint programs, etc.

Some people have reported that the problem was "solved" but I believe they were just mistaken because the problem only disappears after you log-in on the remote PC via keyboard or via Remote Desktop Connection. That first log-in process somehow "unlocks" the problem and cursor shape changes normally in Radmin Viewer from then on. But after the next reboot of the remote PC, the cursor shape will again not change until somebody logs-in locally or until you connect to that PC with Remote Desktop Connection first. Obviously not a very practical solution.

So my question now is this: Is there any progress in resolving this issue or has Famatech given up on it, seeing that it has not been fixed since 2019?
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11/09/2021 12:58:53

Yes, we know about this issue, but unfortunately it turned out to be quite complicated to fix it. We`re working on it. Thank you for patience.
Please update windows  
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